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Wintech France • Siliconing wood and aluminium windows


Wintech France SAS has been since 20 years a specialist in conceiving and manufacturing siliconing machines for windows and doors.

A referring brand on the market, Wintech France SAS sells, installs and aftersales the famous M9C sealing machine and its M9F and M9T variants.

180 machines

The automatic sealing machine is manufactured in France, in Wintech’s own factory in the South-West.
Already over 180 units have been sold to date around the world.

They work for customers who unanimously agree to say they wouldn’t skip the investment.


Wintech’s aim is to always reach a higher satisfaction rate with its customers and an irreproachable quality for its machines. We carefully select our teams and sub-contractors.

CE certification

The M9C is a product conform to the EC technical requirements and carries the CE marking. For North America, the machine is build according to the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) requirements.