A few milestones

Wintech France SAS has been incorporated in the surrounding green hills of Perigueux (Dordogne) in 2003. The brand Wintech, once founded in 1998 in Rovereto, Trentino, Italy, had marked its footprint, obviously in Italy, but also in Switzerland, in Germany and in France.

M. Michel Cournarie «transfers» Wintech from Italy to France, and, thanks to his numerous contacts in the woodworking machine and in the window making industries, fosters the company’s expansion in France. He keeps on developing the siliconing machine to adapt it to the market evolution. Windows increasingly become thicker, bigger, heavier. This continuous development consolidates the Wintech brand. The famous V13 version of the machine is born.

Reaching a well-deserved retirement age, Michel Cournarie sells the company in 2013 to M. Jérôme Marchadier. His long international experience brings Wintech out of France into new promising markets, which all look for automated solutions for cap glazing: the United Kingdom, North America, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, Benelux. The M9C machine incorporates large improvements to always stay as close as possible to market needs.

Pushed by always more and more stringent norms in terms of energy consumption for the building, the silicone keeps on expanding into the window and door weatherproofing and cap glazing methods. Today, over 180 "Wintech" are operated in continental Europe and also in England, the United States, China and Japan.