Dimensions and window geometry

Mini / maxi dimensions

- Maximum overall dimensions of joineries to go on the M9C are:

  • height : 3.20 m
  • width : 3.50 m
  • thickness : 190 mm

provided the corresponding options are selected when defining the machine.

- Minimum overall dimensions are:

  • height : 0.40 m
  • width : 0.40 m

Minimum dimensions for the glass to be siliconed in full automated mode are: 0.15m x 0.15m. Under, it is advised to point at the glass manually before starting the automatic siliconing process.


The M9C has been thought for square angled joineries, whether square or rectangular, whether equipped with Georgian bars or not.

Low archs (until a radius no more than 10% of the width of the window) can be done by the M9C. It is a special and cautious procedure, which is taught to operators during their training.

Plain archs cannot be siliconed on the M9C.

We advise to silicon the three straight sides with the M9C (with a special option) and do the bend manually.

Likewise, oblique shapes cannot be siliconed by the M9C.