Loading / unloading stations, conveyors

Loading Station

The loading station is a must to ensure M9C perfectly works. Without it, no automatic measurement of the joinery and no human free supply of joineries to the machine.

Motorized, the loading station works together with the M9C under the control of the PLC.

Available in 2-meter or 3.5-meter long versions, it also plays the role of a buffer rack before the M9C, or even of a glazing / bead nailing working station.


Unloading station

The unloading station plays a very important role for the M9C. It gets the joineries once siliconed and stocks them while M9C brings a new one in.  

Without the unloading station, operator has to manually unload the siliconed joinery before being able to bring another one in.

Its role is also essential for joineries over 2 meters long. After unlocking its conveyor belt, it allows these long and heavy joineries to go back and forth in the M9C siliconing unit for a perfect operation.