The M9C (main) selling points

Saving material

If you already use silicone, you probably inject silicone and then wipe the excess off, throwing between 30 to 50% in the bin. The M9C injects only the right quantity of silicone to fill the rebate dedicated to it, thanks to an adjustable combination between speed and injection pressure.

No excess to clean, no traces of it on the frame or on the glass, no inaesthetical film on the IGU.

If you are using other sealants, do the maths. Silicone is far cheaper than any other material.


“Secret” nailing of the glazing beads

Having a rebate for silicone carved in the glazing bead allows its nailing in the bottom of the rebate.

Nails are then hidden under the silicone bead that is injected after the nailing. No need to hide traces of the nailing operation on the glazing bead with mastic and/or paint. This one only operation saves you a considerable time.


Quality and regularity of the caulking operation

Controlling very precisely the quantity of silicone injected and the smoothing with the nozzle brings quality and a discreet aesthetics to the silicone bead. This allows maximizing the clear view at the same time as it guarantees an unrivalled water tightness to your joineries.


Quick and reliable

The M9C quickly works since it injects silicone simultaneously on both sides of the joinery. Its “cruising” speed is 2 meters per minute.


Operator friendly

No need to flip the window over to inject on the second face, no need to go around it to ensure the water tightness continuity.

No need to stick a dry seal or to force a rubber gasket in, the M9C machine takes care of the two faces while your operator does something else.

All you need to do is to feed the loading station with joineries on its automatic conveyor belt thanks to mechanized units or suction pads window holder.


Gain of space in the workshop

The M9C works vertically. Its footprint is then very limited.

Aligned against a wall or a partition, the M9C gets rid of the horizontal siliconing and glazing tables.

A second loading station intelligently put before the M9C can even be used as a vertical glazing table.


Hidden time work

While the M9C works and handles its supply automatically, the operator can work other tasks: glazing, bead nailing, sticking Georgian bars, packing, ….

The M9C is an essential contributor to the end-of-the-line productivity. Its usually pushes to a reorganisation of the flow and ends up with additional produced volume.


High R.o.I.

Between the saving on the silicone and on the manpower, the M9C is quickly paid off, usually around 3 years after its installation. This depends of course on the number of joineries produced.


Very low maintenance

The M9C just needs very little maintenance: changing injection nozzles when used, pump filter every 6 months, put some oil twice a year. That’s about it !

No cleaning the circuit, no purging, each colour has an independent circuit and can stay “inactive” several weeks, including the summer time cuts. When you want to use it again, just get rid of the silicone “corks” at the tip of the nozzles, clean the nozzle injection canal and you are ready to go !