Sashes alone or sashes on frame

No matter! The M9C accepts sashes alone or sashes mounted on frames and follows your production plan. Simply, some constraints linked to each type have to be addressed:

Sashes alone

- the bottom crossbar of the sash needs to be at least 60mm thick. If it is below 60mm, then injecting heads with a special geometry need to be mounted on the M9C.

- depending on the way the sash will be presented on the machine, the follower roller which clamps the joinery on the conveyor belt, needs to be adapted consequently.



Sashes on frame

- in this situation, protruding parts sticking out are very often an obstacle to driving the joinery gently thru the machine: water jets, window sills, side extension jambs, ironsmith parts, rails or boxes for roller shutters…



- it is strongly advised not to drive joineries equipped with ironsmith thru the M9C, except if the parts stay within the thickness of the joinery (ex: hinges, hinge plugs,… )


- Rails and boxes for roller shutters are too not recommended.

- Side extension jambs need to be facing operator, provided they are not too deep. Ask us to confirm.


- Window sills need to be facing operator in order to not collide with the M9C chassis.