Silicone rebate dimensions

Silicone rebate

Thanks to the fine settings on injecting pressure, speed and time settings, the M9C shows a large flexibility. Nevertheless, we at Wintech strongly advise to follow guidelines in terms of rebate dimensions:

- either 3mm thick for 6mm deep

- or 4mm thick for 7 to 8mm deep

Please make sure to ask for our confirmation before investing in your tooling.

Clear view

When using a double side machine (2 faces siliconed simultaneously), both injecting heads work together, one being the slave of the other. As a consequence, clear view on face 1 needs to be strictly identical to clear view on face 2.

If not, (ex: aluminium water jet fixed on top of the outer bottom crossbar), then the process will be Face 1 first then Face 2.


The M9C works with most IGUs, either simple layer, double or triple glazing.

IGUs with uneven surface (embossed) cannot be siliconed by the M9C.

If the IGU is offset in the frame (for example fixed frames of sliders), then please ask our technical department to check the maximum distance to be done to reach the glass in the frame (see sketch enclosed)