Introducing the siliconing machine

The M9C siliconing machine

The M9C siliconing machine is built to inject silicone automatically between the frame and the glass, so as to ensure a perfect weatherproofness, water tightness and heat insulation.

The M9C can inject silicone on one side only or on two sides simultaneously, on sashes only or on sashes mounted on frames, and with a choice of 3 colours of silicone.

The M9C automatically measures the outer dimensions of the joinery to be caulked and determines the path to inject silicone, without human intervention nor computer changes between two joineries. This allows you to pass joineries of different types and dimensions on the machine without interruption, to stick to your order flow.

Ask us to study the ideal configuration to suit your joineries.

Variants: M9F to inject silicone before glazing, M9T to inject silicone before nailing glazing beads.